Station O'Kataventures - descente en tube - Situé à Mansonville en Estrie au Camping Nature Plein Air

The Station trip down the magnificent Missisquoi River in a tube

Looking for a refreshing getaway without too much effort? The Station “Trip” will delight you with an air tube descent through the magnificent Missisquoi River. Transport is included from the campsite, you just have to put on your jersey and let yourself go. This trip is the best option to contemplate the magical landscape of the river surrounded by your friends. For only $10, you will experience the Station “Trip”.

The Station “Trip”

  • Duration : 1 h
  • Departure : Station O’Kataventures
  • Arrival : Station O’Kataventures

Transportation is included for groups of 4 or more.

The tube launch is within walking distance of the Station O’Kataventures.

You can redo the descent a second time for the same price but without transport.

Rates Daily
Adulte $10
Children (5 to 16 years) $10

Reservation required. Taxes not included.

  • No smoking
  • No glass containers
  • No dogs
  • Smile, it is essential!
  • Remain positive at all times!
  • Talking to friends!
  • Zero trace, zero impact!